Xô – Anti-pop-Corner

Xô is: Blu Simon Wasem and Giorgio Mega – Objects, sound devices, broken or perverted instruments and “nomad-war-machines”

In this case… diskman player, small speaker, flute, acoustic guitar with a corn-design mini fan, cooking pan, electric fire, and popcorns

Live @ Ordinary Gallery. Brno. Cz

Finnisage from the Artistic Residency “Nomad-Agenda Program”

Giorgio Mega about Xô:
“Among the last things there is Xô with a Brazilian musician named Blu , whose real name is Rafael Simon Wasem, they have these nicknames that become official.This project is still open, the last time we did a small tour in the Czech Republic in January. We met in Portugal, but now he lives in Thailand after passing through Malaysia, and before that, Turkey. It will be not so easy to reconnect again, however, he suggested to go and record the new album in the Philippines. We approach this total, out of any convention, and genre. In Czech Republic, for example, we performed by connecting a pan to amplification, put on an electrical fire, which contained popcorns. At one point, at the end of the concert, popcorns where flying everywhere. Sometimes we only played with objects and microphones, sometimes we had other pieces only with drum machine and piano, but we also did a beautiful cover of Michael Jackson .”
Giorgio Mega – May 2012.


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