What about Czech?



Video by Saša Gojdicova

Music by Blu Simon Wasem (MSC) + George Bagdasarov – Prague

5 maj Prague



Epic Methods for MyselfImage

Epic Methods for Myself its series of video performance.
The first one, was part of my artistic residency of Grau Kllktv, Brno, Czech Republic

Video by Ondrej Merta
Performance Blu Simon Wasem

For Lucie Vitkova




19 may 2011
brno, česka republika



The Sad Machine


City strings – Brno
mechanical & network installations • 21-22. mai. 2011.
Ondřej Merta (cz), Václav Peloušek (cz), Balázs Kovács (hu), Blu Simon ‘Wasem (br), Katarína Gatialová (sk/cz), Pavel Richtr (cz)

Contemporary life is reshaped by technical means, the forms of communications are in constant change. The traditional interpretation of the “acoustic community” (term by Barry Truax) means currently a delocalized electronic one. According to this, the City strings project aims to transform the sonic network of Brno a little bit, just for a while. We place installations on the public area, which are controlled by indirect ways, like pulling an invisible string.
It is possible to use the installations either by walking around on the street or by using the website: just see the list of works on the sidebar right!

The project is presenting the works created during a physical computing workshop at Forum 4AM, and organized by hungarian sound artist Balázs Kovács. Some of the project documentation can be seen at the Cleaning the clear blog, if interested.

piece made by four paper boxes with micro processor servo motor, two cellphone vibrators, and one random melody.
no sensor input. a chaotic loop that works in a simples mechanical process “self destruction”.





Photography – Marina Borcova(BR)

sound and footage – Bluško

Creation of possibility of the hybrid Hyper media: fototelenovela





1.000.049 orquestra – in the occasion of the art’s birthday


Veronika Vlková – harp, flute and sweetness
Václav Peloušek – programing, data, hardware and physical computation
Andrea Rottin – guitar, percussion and pomodori
Michal Fridrich – xylophone, mouthorgan and soul
Ondřej Mert – etris, tape and prepared coffee
Blu Simon Wasem – direction and transcription as his final task of Grau Kllktv’s artistic residence
You – You

1000049 orquestra was founded to recapture the beauty of the art pieces from composers like Gabjauja Barastir,Baba Aitvaras, Bagisht Biegg-Olmai, and other significant names of  the post-meta-classic musical forms. Most of played compositions were first played 49 years ago, when art celebrated its 1000000 birthday.  Important names of Brno experimental scene will now  reinterpret their transcriptions for our new times, new medias and new generation.



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