Variations in Concrete – Post-neo-concrete Readymade or studies in Post-Tropicalism


Readymade made by unstable asymmetric rotten wooden, fabric, power cable, oil drop, piece of skate board, and collage of maps and buddhist souvenirs.

As an Nomad Artist, i made a 3d portrait or an logbook, dairy, recycling material that transform they self, with just a little help from my hands, from simple garbage to and non-functional object(art piece) that can create dialogs with the interlocutor about they attitudes in relation with the left over.
how many trash we produce per day?
and as a traveler and not tourist,  i ask this question:
Shall we go out from our homes, just to consume the landscape, enjoy or not the difference, and bring back home with just plastic memories?

21 /11 /12 – Maded in V64 Art Studio, Lak Si, Bkk, Th